Baby monitors are a true help for deaf parents

Published: 16th November 2010
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Most parents will not think that their newborn`s crying is very special when they are woken up by it during the night. This is quite a different situation when you are a deaf parent. If you are unable to hear you baby then it can become very frustrating. What makes the situation even more concerning is that it could put you baby`s safety at risk. The good thing is that technology has advanced so far that there are baby monitors for deaf parents.

A baby monitor will inform the parents when their baby will need some attention. When the monitor detects a noise from the baby it sends it to the receiver by means of a transmitter.The receiver is usually a mobile hand held device carried by the parents.

Most parents will not have any problems to hear the monitor even of the find themselves at a different part of the house. These devices can be considered as an extension of the parent`s visual or hearing range. Is it not reassuring to know that even of you are a parent with hearing difficulties that your baby is still properly monitored. These gadgets are made to make it so.

Special Features

Parents with hearing difficulties are faced with more challenges when they have to care for a baby. Not only do they have to provide to all their infant`s needs but they unfortunately still have to deal with not being able to hear their newborn`s cries.

Most baby monitors that cater to hearing impaired parents are equipped with a flashing light system or a vibrating alarm. With these additional features the parent is alerted when the infant needs attention.

Some monitors available on the market are able to alert the parents also when the newborn is crying. One model consists of receivers that come in two parts: a main clock and a tiny sound sensor. The main clock acts as the sound alarm system that is then attached to a vibrating rod, which is the positioned under the mattress of the parents. Every time the baby cries it activates the alarm.This causes the rod to vibrate which in turn wakes up the parents.

Many of the baby monitors even have LCD screens that allows you to watch your baby. This is of immense value to deaf parents, as they can see if something is wrong with the child.

Aspects To Consider Before Buying A Baby Monitor

Purchasing the most expensive baby monitor is not always the wisest decision. It is best to first sit and figure out exactly what features you want your baby monitor to have and then you choose one that best fits to that criteria. Although parting with your money in order to purchase these gadgets can be difficult, having that peace of mind concerning your child's safety is still more important than any money in the world.

When buying a baby monitor you should also consider portability. Choosing a stationary monitor will not be of a lot of help when you are busy around the house the whole day.

Baby monitors are there to give deaf parents the same security as any other parent. There are a huge selection of baby monitors on the market that are able to suite your needs. There are more than enough reviews online that can help you to make an informed choice. It is one of the best purchases I ever made.

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